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Environmental Consultant

Having spent the past decade working as an expert internationally and for the EU, Sophie Shnapp has unique expertise in the fields of climate change, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability and environmental and cultural policy development, strategy and implementation. 


As an environmental consultant she wears several hats and is involved in a range of projects; designing and realising EU environmental policies and directives, developing national energy reduction strategies and roadmaps for many countries and implementing tools to support districts and companies in reducing their energy consumption.


Using her environmental expertise, alongside her topdown policy work, she works in a spectrum of arts and creative projects and charities, being a firm believer that culture is the key to the public engagement needed for transformative change. In this capacity, she hosts a radio show providing accessible information on the climate through interviews with environmental experts on topical issues. She works with Julie’s Bicycle focussing on creative and cultural responses to the climate crisis to explore how the creative climate movement is mobilising action. Finally, she is on the steering committee of Brian Eno’s new music and climate charity EarthPercent, encouraging artists and music-related organisations to pledge a small percentage of their income towards impactful ways of dealing with climate change.


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